How does Craniosacral Therapy help

It optimizes nervous system functioning in the following ways:
  1. Facilitates circulation of cerebro-spinal fluid.
  2. Removes physical restrictions within the cranioacral system/nervous system, which may impede proper functioning of the body's systems.
  3. Releases energy from the nervous system and rest of body. Energy accumulation in the system adversely affects nervous/craniosacral system functioning.
  4. Balances nervous system function by reducing over-activation of the sympathetic nervous system - the system causing stress reactions.

What is the Concept of Energy Release?

During any injury, forces are transmitted into the body,which become 'trapped ' in the body as energy. A pure mechanical treatment of the injury does not release the 'trapped energy'. The craniosacral process is able to release it.

What Causes Restrictions/DysFunctions In the Craniosacral System?

  • Injury
  • Infection
  • Inflammation
  • Emotional tension
  • Birth Trauma
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Stress
  • surgery, causing scars and adhesions.

Diagnosis through the Craniosacral System

Ideally, the craniosacral system expands and contracts in a balanced, symmetrical manner. In reality, imbalances exist in most systems. These imbalances present as disturbances in rhythm and motion. Such imbalances in motion are caused by dysfunction (causes listed above) in the body, which transmits into the craniosacral system. Conversely, any dysfunction or restriction in the craniosacral system, transmits out to the rest of the body, and can result in dysfunction in associated areas of the body.

What Does the Craniosacral Therapist Do?

The therapist is able to detect subtle changes in rhythm and symmetry in the craniosacral motion.Restrictions or resistances to motion can also be felt, as 'pulls','twists', a decreased amplitude of motion or a change in the rate of the craniosacral motion. The source of the dysfunction can then be traced and addressed.

The process of 'tuning' into the craniosacral system and being able to detect its motion, provides a stimulus to this system. This enables the system to accelerate its rhythm or motion to get rid of resistances in its tissues and hence eliminate dysfunction.

The therapist facilitates and initiates this process, but it is the body that does all the work. There are in-built mechanisms in the body that can eliminate dysfunction naturally. This natural healing process also occurs spontaously during deep sleep and meditative processes.

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